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has anyone been privvy to information regarding a class action suit against RMR that may be pending?
The breach of agreed contract is obvious. Many people are demanding the early bird payment be refunded for the full pass price as buying a pass at a less ridiculous mountain such as whitewater will need to be purchases at full price. there has been zero evidence to support this insane policy. outdoor skiing has had no outbreaks and the fact they are running lifts at full capacity while the vaccinated continue to transmit this flu bug will likely result in more cases . If they had any real belief in their restrictions vaxx mandates would apply to hotel guests but they do not . Hotel guests are welcome vaccinated or not as that is where the real money is.
None of these insane restrictions are mentioned in the contract ,there is no evidence anywhere to support them.
They blamed early closures last years on covid I'm reality it is well known that the inability to provide housing means most transient workers leave April 1st rather than paying a full month's rent and staying til May
They have just decided to reneg on the contract that had previously been agreed upon.

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Sat, 20 Nov 2021 17:21:56 GMT