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The hypocrisy on FB community “uncensored” is comical. All free speech encouraged and welcomed. Unless of course you disagree with their conspiracies and smear campaigns, that will be met with a mob mentality of bullying, harassment, doxxing and slander. They like to call people they disagree with on other pages “keyboard warriors”..... by taking to the keyboard to wage war against them and their families. Medical experts without any medical training or education but they definitely know more than all the real doctors and scientists in our community. “Revy women supporting women” creator taking images of female teachers in town to create unflattering memes and use another woman’s image to tear her down and have everyone else jump in on the bullying? Same girl begging for your votes and support when she was looking for attention. Pretending to be an expert on vaccines and other health sciences, while Asking for the support of a community at the same time denying life saving medication for severe depression for his wife? Refusing to let her come home on antidepressants? The entire group is abusive and toxic to the community. But according to them, it’s everyone who doesn’t follow their cult following that is tearing the community apart.
Read it with a grain of salt. And report their posts that violate community standards. They love that.

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Mon, 05 Apr 2021 16:19:05 GMT