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You want cheap fuel and actually buy local

Big Eddy Market

8-15cents cheaper every day

Don’t feed the already taken over stations You can fight back by shopping around for lower gas prices, because they can vary by city and even what part of the city they’re in. Natural Resources Canada says the prices you see at the pump are influenced by factors including the size of the service station, its market and competition, wholesaler discounts and more

Reasons for gas prices being higher here is ridiculous I agree and to the people saying rent etc etc, move on

Well to some of us we are not greedy, nor did we somehow obtain a mortgage we cannot afford without renting rooms out, but we will leave that one alone

Prices tend to climb when Oil climbs and if we would not import 10billion dollars a year and push our own natural resources, prices would reflect this. This is also very dependent on our “carbon tax” check into that if you wanna see how the country is “stealing from us”. Sure I like the environment but when our country already has the highest regulations in the world, pretty sure we are doing part.

Also this so called virus is completely screwing over just about everything, be prepared for rising costs faster. Fastest inflation is yet to come. 360billion and rising for a virus.

Anyways walk, run, bike the winter is over. Big Eddy Market for fuel

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Mon, 05 Apr 2021 02:50:57 GMT