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Hi Revelstoke and area!

Do you run a small to medium food business (café, food truck, small restaurant, etc.)? Is inventory management a nuisance and are you concerned about food waste? Do you want first and free access to an app that will change the way you do inventory and helps you curb food waste? We would love to partner with you! In exchange, we’d love to give you the final product app subscription for free, forever – valued at a few thousand dollars.

We’re a local Revy startup and we’re in the testing stage of our app that we have designed with small food vendors in mind. We’ve worked in hospitality and so do our loved ones. We realized that there is no affordable inventory software for small, independent food businesses and we set out to change that!

We’re looking for 10 businesses who would be willing to try our app for 1-2 weeks minimum. In that time, we’d interview you to hear your thoughts about the app – how it’s helped, and how you’d like to see it improved.

How the app works:

Using your smart phone or tablet, inventory is entered into the app either by scanning in your food items or manually. This may sound like a hassle, but it eliminates the need for excel sheets or other forms of tracking inventory. It’s all in the app.

Next, you enter your menu items, broken down into recipes. Again, this will take some time at the beginning, but you do this step once and you’re set. Plus, our menu builder tool can help you see your item’s nutritional profile.

Last, ring up your menu items as usual using your Square (or other) POS and voila – your inventory is updated, in real time, with the most accurate information possible.

Running low on something? The app will let you know, and you can make a shopping list or create an order form right in the app. Something’s about to spoil? The app will notify you so that you can chose what to do with it rather than getting a rude surprise later in the week. Not sure how much to prep? Check the app; it will help you instantly identify what is running low and what should be on your “Prep List”. Worried that menu items aren’t being served the same way each time? The app can help.

We hope as many people as possible adopt the app not only for the convenience, but also because we want to end food waste. In our second phase we will create a community portal, giving business managers easy ways to distribute scraps, compost, and excess food to people in the community who can use it for feed, soil, biofuel, and ending hunger. In the next stages we will develop the app to be predictive with machine learning so that the app can help you prepare for the day, week, and your catering. Taking some of the guesswork out of ordering and preparing food is a great way to make sure both customers and the environment are happy.

There’s dozens more features we’d like to add to make inventory management a dream for small businesses, at a price that ensures that the app pays for itself. We think it’s what small businesses deserve, and we know it can help curb food waste.

If this is interesting to you or might be interesting to someone you know, please get in touch! Any feedback and experience with our app would be invaluable and would make a huge difference to future users. We expect our testing app to be ready for mid-November. We'd prefer Square users but will be able to work with other POS's. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and hear any thoughts, hopes, requests and opinions about the app and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Clay and Jed, Stockt App founders

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Mon, 26 Oct 2020 23:54:48 GMT