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Join on Zoom at 7pm:

For the past 3 years Anna has hosted gatherings to intuitively guide a variety of meditations, allowing beginners and experts alike to explore self and one’s limitless abilities. Anna believes deeply in the power and purpose of every individual and does her best to help all acknowledge their connection to endless potential.

Anna’s intention for Thursday’s October 22nd meditation is to guide you deep within, to connect you to the stable nurturing earth below, the breezy bright abundant skies above and the beautiful pulsing compass within your chest, your heart. Once your mind has been calmed and your heart and soul filled with peace and love, Anna will guide the group through a powerful unified healing intention chosen by the group. Feel a powerful connection to self, to purpose and love no matter how far apart we are.
Thank you for joining.

Learn more about Anna and her offerings at

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Thu, 22 Oct 2020 15:15:50 GMT