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> Reply: Copy to clipboard - Join in with this link at 7pm on Thursday Oct 15th

Do you think that meditation is just sitting and keeping silent? Do you think meditation is boring and that you can’t be calm enough to do it? No, absolutely wrong. Join with Hoang Anh this Thursday 15th October at 7pm – 8pm for Osho Nadabrahma Meditation to see the difference. Osho Nadabrahma Meditation is also known as humming meditation. Through humming and hand movements conflicting parts of you start falling in tune, and you bring harmony to your whole being. Then, with body and mind totally together, you “slip out of their hold” and become a witness to both. This watching from the outside is what brings peace, silence and bliss. See the demo:
Hoang Anh has the spiritual name of Sankari. She is from Vietnam and will moving to Revelstoke to join her husband in the near future. She is a yoga teacher for aerial yoga & hatha yoga, and she is also a meditation facilitator in Vietnam for over 3 years. Let join us this Thursday and share our international energy.
See you at 7pm!
· Important: please arrange a comfy seating with pillow to support your back if you decide to join as we will need to sit tight for one hour.

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