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Hey Revy!

On Saturday Feb 15th, Louise will be hosting a Journey to handstand workshop from 1-4pm at Balu Yoga Studio.

Workshop Description:

Learn how to build a strong foundation for you to develop a solid handstand practice. In this workshop, you will learn the upside down skills & exercises you need to help you strengthen your physical practice, as well as learning how to gain confidence & let go of fears.
The handstand practice is a journey! Whether it’s the start of your journey or you’ve been on it for a while now, this workshop is for you!

This 3 hour long workshop will involve an asana/yoga class based on preparing the body. We will take a closer look at the alignment of the pose & break it down from the floor up. We will then dive into some drills you can take home to practice with yourself.

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Sun, 09 Feb 2020 19:18:42 GMT