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Please be aware when crossing the street. Look both ways and cross at crosswalks when possible. Put your phone away, stop texting while you're crossing the street and take your headphones out too -please! Carry a light and/or wear bright colours or something reflective when road walking at night. Far too many people out there are putting their safety (and life) solely into the hands of drivers. It is every drivers responsibility to check for pedestrians at crosswalks, but there are a lot of reasons they might now see you and it seems like every other day I witness another close call!

Road conditions, weather and visibility all reduce a drivers ability to notice you, especially after dark, and particularly if you wear dark colours. Make sure that traffic is stopped or stopping before stepping out into the crosswalk. A one ton pick up travelling at

Revelstoke is also home to plenty of large vehicles -vans, campers, lifted SUVs, full-size pick ups with sled decks- that tower over pedestrians. If you can't see oncoming traffic before stepping out into the crosswalk. Guess what? The driver can't see you either! Please think first, act second.

I know that finding a parking spot in Revelstoke isn't always easy. But if you drive a large vehicle like a camper or Sprinter van, it would be totally rad and very much appreciated if you make an effort to park it at least a vehicle length or two from crosswalks.

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Sun, 09 Feb 2020 19:03:25 GMT